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Stitching Hearts

Sending love to broken hearts, #4

For the fourth year in a row, we’re gathering valentines to send to women’s shelters across Canada.

Help us out by making cards, donating supplies or donating a few bucks to help pay for subscriptions to Cockroach for the shelters who have requested it. You can also organize your own crafting parties (if you’re in Winnipeg, we can drop off supplies or help promote it) or pledge to create/gather a certain amount of cards to send to a specific shelter.

Here are a few guidelines:
-Cards are going to people of all ages and genders, so craft them accordinly!
-The Cockroach team and shelters are going to check all cards for appropriateness, so please don’t put them in envelopes.
-Make them as small or large, intricate or simple as you’d like!

***Having so far only contacted shelters in BC and Alberta, we have requests for 1,111 valentines and 11 subscriptions to Cockroach.***

We’ll organize a couple of events in the coming months where folks can drop off cards or make them with us! If you’re antsy and wanting to get yours to us quick, shoot an email to to make arrangements.

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