By Rikki Dubois

A while ago, I asked a coworker, “What is the meaning of life?” ( and I wasn’t talking about a Monty Python movie). “The meaning of life is to exist. To fulfill, hopefully, ones dreams,” they said. “I think I am in the wrong place. I should be traveling!” I replied.

I thought this was an interesting concept. So, what is the meaning of life? Why do we exist? Or are we here only to exist? Is it to be bothersome to some people? Or helpful? Should we all be traveling? Are we the only intelligent planet in the universe? Or are we somebody’s practical joke that became a populated planet with scientific marvels?

What would you consider to be the meaning of your life?

What were your greatest achievements? Now, think about this carefully. Was it the gold medal or trophy you won playing hockey as a 12 year old? Was it a painting or a sculpture you made with your own hands? Is it playing an instrument or singing with your lovely voice?

I am sure we have all done things we are proud of. For some of us, it is writing for newsletters at work. For others, it is helping coworkers figure out how to use a computer. But is this the meaning of life? Should I be content with having an article published every few months or is there something else? Have you thought about it yet? Keep thinking. This is probably the hardest question that has ever been asked and it has been asked for many hundreds of years by some of the greatest minds in history.

So, do you have an answer yet? Well, I don’t have one. So, I thought I would confer with a priest and a friend of the family, who happens to be a psychologist, but I really didn’t get the answers I was searching. So what is next? I know, I will search the internet.

The first thing I did was Google “The Meaning of Life” and I got the same silly Monty Python movie. So, tried the Vatican website, but it is too hard to get any information there, unless you’re studying theology and have a password. The American Library of Congress has every book ever written, so I thought they should have the answer I was looking for. No dice.

I thought of everything I read and everything that everybody told me and all of a sudden, it came to me. Like a flash of light it shot into my brain and I finally got the answer. It was so easy that I was so surprised that I didn’t think of it sooner. The meaning of life is …