Let’s do something for our furry friends staying in animal shelters and being fostered while they wait for their furever homes! It’s been awhile since we made them toys.

And since we’ve already sent hundreds of braids made out of upcycled materials, perhaps we should send some beds to rest in once they’re all pooped out?


Beds for animals might sound like an intimidating craft project, but they’re really not! An old T-shirt and wire coat hanger make an excellent, cozy haven for a kitty. Cats and dogs alike could rummage a large knit or crochet blanket into a bed. And either could nestle into a pillow made of two pieces of fabric handsewn together and filled with small scraps of fabric and yarn.

Check out our Pinterest page for ideas on different types of beds you could make, including the simplest designs to patterns that will challenge the most expert makers.

Take your lovingly made creations to the animal shelter of your choice or drop them off with someone involved in rescue.

If you’re one of our furry-friends’ heroes, email cockroachzine.com to get your hands on some of the finished products.