By Robin Smyth

Singletons have so many options for meeting people now. It’s pretty amazing, actually! But it’s also overwhelming how many dating sites are out there and deciding which to post yourself on is a tough call to make. It might not even be a bad idea to have more than one dating site going at a time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with increasing your chances at love by using a three or four pronged approach to online dating.

Most dating sites are super user-friendly and are usually designed with a basic swipe to say yes or no for potential daters. Most also have cutesie options like “wink” or “flirt.” Thanks to progress, we can now completely bypass the drudgery of getting dressed and hanging out in public wearing our “over here I’m single!” sandwich board and instead scroll through profile after profile of potential matches from our unmade beds clad in rumpled sweat suits while eating chips.

Online dating is so easy, fun and super accessible, but what if the right person for you is horribly un-photogenic and less than functional at stringing a sentence together? So much so that you feverishly bypass that profile with a heart set on perfection. Try to keep in mind that nobody out there is perfect (yourself included), so slow down the swiping and do some actual reading of bios.

Meeting the right person in the midst of a busy life may not be easy, but the main thing is to enjoy being single while it lasts. Giving off a needy or desperate vibe is probably not the best accessory a single person can throw on, so shake off any singleton blues you may be having and get yourself back into your life.

Also, make sure you follow the usual safety first type of rules that have been well established since the dawn of online introduction services. Keep your personal information personal. Do not send anyone, anywhere, financial aid. Meet only in public places. Talk on the phone prior to meeting a person. If you are in any way uncomfortable during a date, leave. It’s also perfectly okay to call a friend for help if your gut is giving you some super strong beware signals.

Most importantly, don’t take it all too seriously and have fun!

Article by Robin Smyth, a for the people writer. Open, honest, uplifting and hilarious. Follow her on Twitter @RobinDS3 or visit her website.