Article by Robin Smyth, artwork by Melissa Greenhill

How many times have you awoken to a dream so startling that you have no idea what to make of it? For myself, I have dreamt of flying, drowning, being shot, having kittens, being in public with no pants and so on.

Once we close our eyes for our nightly sleep, we are transported into dreamscapes which can sometimes leave us wondering just what the Hell is going on in our minds. Before you start seeking therapy to help you understand why your REM state is making you crazy, why not try a little online research to help you figure out what your dreams are trying to tell you?

When I went through a particularly creepy dream phase, I called up a search engine and typed in “interpreting dreams.” I was rewarded by multiple sites through which to data mine. Just now, I performed a dream dictionary search and came up with just over six million results. Not bad for a quick type and click!

If you are particularly haunted by a recurring dream or awaken absolutely terrified by your night visions, take a breath, relax and gain some insight as to what might really be going on in that gorgeous mind of yours. My favourite go-to web page is Dream Moods, which I have used heavily when my mind was running rampant and jolting me awake with terror.

On Dream Moods, there are multiple ways to investigate for dream translations: a search box, a “common dreams” tab sits on the top banner of the page and an A to Z function. Let’s have a peek at one or two of the dreams I described above, shall we?

Because everyone I know has had the weirdo dream of being in public at least semi-unclothed, I’d like to share what Dream Moods advises on the subject:

  • Nudity indicates vulnerability
  • Nudity indicates fear of exposure
  • Nudity indicates insecurity
  • Nudity indicates feeling unprepared
  • Nudity indicates arrogance

Awesome choices to drill down into! Since the likelihood of you leaving your house and not realizing you forgot your pants until you are in the mall parking lot are incredibly slim, your dream is telling you something about yourself that you might not have even considered.

Let’s try one more, just for fun. Since I found the birthing of a litter of kittens rather strange and unusual, I’ll head to Dream Moods and do a quick search.

Under “kitten” I found a few paragraphs and selected the following:

To see a kitten in your dream represents a transitional phase toward independence. You are ready to explore new things that life has to offer. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes innocence and purity.

And, since I can easily throw innocence and purity out the window (sorry Mom), my best interpretation here is that I may have been going through some sort of life transition at the time. Either way, the explanation I found online made me feel a lot better about the crazy cat lady dream I had. Six kittens, really?

Regardless of how accurate the translations are, it’s fun and interesting to see what might be behind a REM escapade, I highly recommend trying it out next time you wake up in confusion about what just played through your mind.

Robin Smyth has contributed to newsletters, business publications, inter-company webpages and blog sites. She has reported on multiple genres engaging a variety of styles and is known for her one draft, no edits style of writing. Follow her on Twitter @RobinDS3.

Artwork by Melissa Greenhill, a Winnipeg-based mixed media artist. Follow her on Twitter, @MelissaGreenhil.