By Tannis Kelm

Dream small.

With each small dream that comes to fruition, the happier we have the potential to be. Nothing comes easy and though the big dreams are something to stare longingly into, most of them require real effort to realize. That’s not to say that I think it’s such a long shot to have a dream and achieve it; I don’t think it should be impossible for anyone.

Even if you fail, if you wanted something and you gave your best and went through the tedious work involved in it, that feeling should be enough. There is always somewhere else to go from there. Have the ultimate dream, break that into its components and work on what you need to in order to realize it. You will meet amazing people along the way.

I guess that’s why we call both our waking ideals and fast asleep fantasies dreams. If we were to fall asleep and stay there, it could all be so easily attained, but what of being awake? What of feeling? What of being able to wake up everyday not wishing to fall asleep?

What is your dream? Is it as impossible as they would like to say? Who are they and what do they know?

It’s easy to not take a risk, but if you don’t, that is not living the dream; it’s barely surviving. The choice is yours. Would you want to say it was a hard life, but you earned it, or that it was a hard life and you didn’t ever get what you wanted because you never just went for it?

That’s the difference between success and failure. All that talk and no action.  Confidence is built by each small accomplishment and, for the most part, quitters never prosper. Of course, a little luck along the way never hurts. It’s too bad we can’t vote for who gets all the luck. What if we could distribute that luck evenly? Isn’t that quite the dream.

I dream to be happy. I dream to be healthy. I dream to continue loving. Most of all, I dream to have my friends close and for them to feel satisfied with the same. Anything aside from the basics that we achieve ourselves, we experience together, competition aside. There’s not much left in the end if all you wanted to be is number one and you are the only one left to celebrate that. I will never step on anyone else for a dream because mine are attainable, with a little help, though I realize they aren’t completely in my control.

I think we can all be friends, if we can be honest. Even if we don’t have the time to be close, we need to acquaint ourselves more. If everyone everywhere contributed a little positivity towards one another, I think anything could be accomplished. I personally would love living in a world of conscious dreamers collectively pursuing a common goal. I’m not the only one.

Putting it all out there isn’t so scary the more it’s done. Besides, most dreams dreamed require it. Though I know it’s hard, don’t be frustrated starting small. It all takes time. Enjoy it as much as you can along the way.

As you have now heard, these are my waking dreams. In my lucid ones I say this out loud and everyone everywhere agrees:

Sweet dreams,


is looking for something.

Tannis Kelm is a singer/songwriter who performs under the name Hors. Find her on Facebook, Twitter , Sound Cloud, Tumblr, or her Gold Chair Sessions videos on YouTube. Tune in to CKUW 95.9FM in Winnipeg Tuesday nights at 11 p.m. for her show, Listening Pleasures.