By Tannis Kelm

Body. Dead already, might as well live.

Body. Floating around without one would take the sense of touch with it. Of all the senses, touch would be the one putting the guess work in attraction. There would be none of those hormones that think they turn the wheel. A mind can comfort just as well, but the heartbeats would be missing. The heartbeat is as addictive as most things you claim to own. When it’s next to yours, the heartbeat can change direction silently, without letting on but letting go. Our truth is summed up more by what we do, not how we are represented here. If only we were less physical, more spirit, co-existing in waves breaking beautifully beside one another. Exposing our inner roars back and forth, keeping no secrets. Operating in complete trust.

Body. So familiar, yet so foreign. Wanting something familiar, but foreign. Were it a balance of minds, the spiritual would have form. You would know exactly what would hurt you, what to stay away from. Bad intentions or negativity would be easy to spot. Instead of losing a few pounds or plastic surgery, people would concern themselves more with being better souls as there would be no skin to adjust. There would be no tangible grasp, holding back or holding down, controlling with fear in the limitations one body can impose on another. The mind is always there to question, though. It knows opposition in it’s better judgment.

Body. Aging, if only that would continuously make you stronger. Instead of slowing down, doors would open the longer you were open to experience. Time would cease to be linear. There would be no rush to get it all in before it isn’t possible anymore. There would be no pressure to get it right the first time, reducing the feeling of failure and stopping before it all even begins, making way for increased experimentation with different ways of trying.

Head, shoulders, knees, toes. Tongue, lips, eyes, nose. Uterus, scrotum, stomach, lungs. Blood, bile, sweat, lactation. Our reality. Every bit of this and more, an individual does make. Each experiencing these in similar ways, but separately. So many moving parts where one small slip or malfunction will impede a body in it’s function and can change a life forever. Someone with so much life can fade until you finally don’t see them, only feel them, remember them. The body betrays, but we know it will. The cosmic joke. What we have to come to terms with. This life so short, we have to choose and make those decisions wisely, picking ways to go and following through.

Passion needs a body to carry through. It’s what feeds the mind and spirit. Since this body is our vehicle and we can only be in one place at a time, it’s maintenance and placement is of the utmost importance.┬áTreat yourself better. Forgive yourself. See your limitations and find ways around them. Try those things you’ve always wanted to. Love with all of your being and make yourself heard. Speak with love and respect. When all of these things work together, a singular body makes an inviting space for more and as a group we can shift and create a more positive way to live.

Body. Keep going. Don’t give up. The human race is cruel and destructive, but it doesn’t have to be. Lean in and help the body beside you carry on so someone can return the favour when you need it.

Body. When you need it, let them help.

Tannis Kelm is a singer/songwriter who performs under the name Hors. Find her on Facebook, Twitter , Sound Cloud, Tumblr, or her Gold Chair Sessions videos on YouTube. Tune in to CKUW 95.9FM in Winnipeg Tuesday nights at 11 p.m. for her show, Listening Pleasures.