Sex and relationship advice by Robin Smyth

From pages of magazines to pages on the inter-webs, porn is an ever evolving monster of a business. Porn is not a life for everyone, but there is an entire culture devoted to selling sex and from what I’ve seen everyone seems to be having a great time.

Of course, there is a huge consumer base supporting this branch of the sex industry. Sex does sell, after all. The variety of porn out there is wide ranging and meant to appeal to every taste and fetish. Live, print, video, whatever your preference, it’s out there and it isn’t hard to find. Nor should it be!

Porn can be a fun way to spice up your sex life or, of course, be your inspiration while flying those solo missions. There is no shame in enjoying the sexcapades of strangers from the safety of your own living room or bedroom. Creepy as that might sound, porn can really unleash your inner tigress and you might learn a thing or two. Win-win.

Keeping porn limited to an adult-only viewing audience, however, is more challenging now than it has ever been. Way back in the day, enterprising youth were forced to treasure hunt in their homes for a hidden stash of skin mags. This was not a practice limited only to the male gender. Sayin’.

For some, viewing porn may be a first glimpse at nudity and sexuality and, with teenage hormones being what they are, suppressing natural curiousity seems like an enormous waste of effort.

Fast forward to instant Internet access and to porn of every flavour. Now all it takes is a few clicks and some keystrokes to call up free porn sites. If your kids have cellphones and you have concerns about what they could he accessing, it’s either time for a conversation or restricted cellphone use.

If you have a community PC or Mac for use by the entire family, you might want to check out the search history to monitor what is happening online in your  absence from the home.

Having a frank and open discussion about what is and is not permitted as viewing material is a must in my opinion. There are some pretty raw images out there that are wildly inappropriate for immature minds and we don’t want our kids to be scarred for life by something considered to be hardcore or off the kinky sex charts.

For me, I had to deal with some porn site stuff when my boys were growing up. They weren’t reporting in to me on what they were viewing, but it doesn’t exactly take Sherlock fricken’ Holmes to find an icon on the desktop either.

I handled the advent of pornography into the boys lives exactly how I manage all their life events. With tact, honesty, humour and the advice to create a folder with a dummy name on it so Mummy isn’t sick to her stomach that her little angels are surfing porn sites m’k?

Robin Smyth has contributed to newsletters, business publications, inter-company webpages and blog sites. She has reported on multiple genres engaging a variety of styles and is known for her one draft, no edits style of writing. Follow her on Twitter @RobinDS3.