Sex and relationship advice by Robin Smyth

Following the same path time and time again in the bedroom may be familiar and comforting, but it also may dim the flames of passionate fire as months and years in a relationship roll by. So, how exactly does one keep the spark alive?

A simple twist to start with is changing the time of day you and your lover tryst. Try going from sundown to sunup for a fresh perspective. Or vice versa if you’re currently shagging to the sunrise.

If a morning romp is simply not on, why not try keeping the lights on or filling the bedroom with lit candles. Conversely, go pitch black or don a sleep mask for a semi-sensory deprived experience.

Assuming your dwelling includes multiple rooms, try having a go in all of them! We’ve all heard of the spin cycle on the washing machine, have we not?

Moving on to moving your body, nothing could be easier than trying new positions, regardless of what room of your home you land up in. Go from face-to-face to front-to-back. Side-to-side. Upside-down (that’s soixante neuf, all y’all), standing, sitting, kneeling, squatting. Shower, bath, couch, stairs, floor, car. The options are endless!

Keeping it fresh is as easy as looking around you with a new perspective. Any idea what’s holding you back from exploring a wilder and kinkier you? Too shy, maybe? There’s a saying that everything we want is on the other side of fear. What’s to be afraid of anyway, am I right? If you honestly think an overture into adventure-land is going to be declined or giggled at by your partner, try to put those thoughts in their place.

Your sex life is meant to be bold and fearless as well as warm, intimate and loving. Instead of letting the butterflies in your tummy bring you down, why not borrow their wings and fly higher?

After all, nervousness is only a sign that you truly care about what you are doing. So, carry on carrying on, yes?

If you’re more of a slow burn than stripper pole type of person, try initiating a game of strip poker, strip dominoes, strip battleship or, well, you get the drift.
Also, some sex shops have dice with helpful hints in the way of location, position and action. Intimacy geared game play is an amazing way to shake up the usual while taking the pressure off of both partners to come up with new and exciting ways to keep the passion fires burning.

Robin Smyth has contributed to newsletters, business publications, inter-company webpages and blog sites. She has reported on multiple genres engaging a variety of styles and is known for her one draft, no edits style of writing. Follow her on Twitter @RobinDS3.