By Robin Smyth

A simple chemical compound of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen presides over the well being of all known Earthly life forms. As residents of the third rock from the sun, we either glory in the mercy of water or succumb to the blast force of malevolence that water is capable of becoming.

Consider your daily routine, eliminate water from the equation and where would you be? Squarely nowhere. Your morning coffee, shower, laundry, everything about your life would be wholly affected by the water supply drying up. Without water we would all cease to exist altogether. Over the most cruel and coldest winter known in Winnipeg in as far back as 100 years, our city residents came to recognize how much we rely and indeed take for granted the fact that the mere twist of a tap can bring the sustainable liquid splashing into sinks and tubs. Many were thrown into a heated tailspin and the sudden realization that water at our fingertips is a luxury became abundantly apparent.

There are many countries that do not have access to a reliable source of drinking water. There are approximately one billion souls who lack access to safe water. Imagine the impact this would cause those of us with running water. By taking a snapshot of what water is truly capable of we may gain a higher respect for it. From the simplicity of enjoying a long hot soak or refilling the ice cube tray, to the science of morphing from one physicality to another, water is an extreme force to be reckoned with.

Through the mercy of water we are able to provide comfort in our homes, recreations such as swimming and skating, transportation and heat exchange. From bottled water to waste services, entire industries revolve around this most basic of liquids. H2O is magnificent in it’s never ending list of benefits, for those of us with access to it.

In malevolent form, mighty tidal waves, tsunamis, hail storms and floods, batter at Earth and its inhabitants. When angered, its full power and wicked capacity for destruction becomes evident. Water truly is a force that none can reckon with. When the water rises, we retreat. Plain and simple. Deep oceans and seas hold fast their secrets in depths too punishing for mere mortal man to penetrate. As deep and black as the night skies above, massive bodies of water serve to cloak unknown species at untold depths. Is it not a wonder that more thrill seekers and scientists have not perished on their quests for knowledge into the silky gloom of yet unexplored marine terrains?

In all of her magnificent merciful malevolence, in no matter what form she takes, water is an extreme force of nature. Throughout time water has been both praised and feared. Gods, Goddesses, Nymphs, spirits, deities and divinities all take their place in history. Cultures from around the globe gave name, body and worship to this most powerful of elements. In mercy and malevolence, our very lives are owed to the glory that is water.

Robin Smyth has contributed to newsletters, business publications, inter-company webpages and blog sites. She has reported on multiple genres engaging a variety of styles and is known for her one draft, no edits style of writing. Follow her on Twitter @RobinDS3.