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With announcements of Syrian refugees making their way to North America, we’ve seen a lot of hate on social media towards newcomers.

We’ve also seen a lot of love! Cockroach is jumping on board with all the lovers, so newcomer children are the focus of this Stitching Hearts project.

We want show the youngsters making their way to this country that we want them here and hope they enjoy their lives in Canada.

So, we’re sending dolls to immigrant centres where children can get their hands on their very own, handmade creatures to snuggle.

craft.jpgWe’re not putting together a tutorial for this one. Each doll should be completely unique so that each child has something that is special and just for them. Not a sewer? Me neither. But that didn’t stop me from making the doll pictured here and it’s not going to stop me from making more.

For inspiration, we created a Pinterest board where you can find many images and tutorials of handmade dolls.

And we’re going to pop up at coffee shops around Winnipeg a few times in February and March. You can stop by to work on a doll, pick-up or drop-off doll-making supplies, drop-off finished dolls or just come to hang out. Watch for updates on the Facebook event page.

If you’re not in Winnipeg, no problem! Contact an immigrant centre in your city and see if they’ll accept dolls! Get some friends together and get crafty! If you’re hosting a public doll-making event, let us know and we’ll advertise it for you.

Help us spread love with this latest Stitching Hearts project.