This August, we’re taking our Stitching Hearts #2 project to Calgary and Vancouver. And Lunapads is helping us! They’ve generously donated money to help with advertising. Plus, they’re going to show up to the Vancouver event to raffle off a $25 gift card for their fantastic products.

For those who don’t know what Lunapads is, it’s a company that makes reusable cloth pads. It’s fantastic because it reduces waste, saves you money in the long run and is better for your body than pesticide filled disposable cotton pads. You can read more about the benefits on their website. How wonderful!

They also do a lot of good stuff, other than selling you things to make your period cooler. Pads4Girls is a project that sends pads to menstruaters in other countries who might have difficulty accessing them. How kind! Plus, they’re helping us out.

Check them out, read more about why reusable menstruation products are the best and don’t miss our Stitching Hearts tour if you’re in Calgary or Vancouver.