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With the launch of each issue of Cockroach, we’re launching a new crafting project for non-profits. For the last issue, we made hand-sewn felt bookmarks for Books with no Bounds to send to northern communities with children’s books.

This issue, we’re selling handmade pad making kits to raise money to buy pads for shelters. We’re taking the project to Calgary and Vancouver.

Pink_DivaCup Logo_No Star-Final Aug 2014 LunapadsBut we’re not making this journey on our own. Those who bought tickets to the August 1 masquerade party helped fund our period adventure! Lunapads gave us a bit of cash to help advertise the project and promised to show up in Vancouver where they’ll raffle off a $25 gift card. DivaCup donated cups that we’ll raffle off at the end of the tour.

If you miss us, consider making your own and then donating the money you save from not having to purchase commercial pads to your local shelter! Here’s how you make them:

1. Buy a kit from us or prep your own!


You need one base piece that has a flap on each side, two tops pieces that each have a flap on one side, a piece of towel, a button, a needle and thread.

2. Sew the top pieces to the base

pad-3 pad-2
Place the two top pieces on top of the base piece and sew around the edges. On the top piece, you could leave a bit of fabric unsewn along the top and bottom to make it easier to get the towel in.

pad-43.Make the button hole
Cut a hole that is a bit smaller than your button. Sew around the cut edges. Stitch the button to the other flap.

4. Get your period!

Button the pad in your panties and bleed away! When it’s sufficiently soaked in blood, rinse it in cold water then throw it in the wash with the rest of your laundry.