We had a lovely afternoon at the clothing swap!

It got off to a slow start, but folks of all shapes and sizes left with new clothes.

Our clothing-swappers were a little shy, but Jessie Zifarelli of Still as Scarlet, Maria Mango and Twin showed up to provide the music. Twin even brewed us coffee!

The leftover summerish clothes will be donated to the Winnipeg Gender Inclusive Clothing Swap.

We’ll hold onto warmer clothes for the next swap, sometime in the fall. Next time, we’ll have a shorter time frame so the early-birds and late-comers aren’t so early and aren’t so late. We’ll also be ditching the open-mic and just play some albumns. And, with the donations we received today, we’ll be buying a coffee urn so you all will have fresh, free coffee! Yay!

If there’s anything else you didn’t like about today or think could have been done better, please let us know! Keep in mind that Cockroach is run by one person who has feelings though, so politeness is super appreciated.

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