Surviving off 25 litres a day
By Meg Crane

While most people are living off of thousands of litres of water a day, Kevin Freedman of Winnipeg decided he’d try getting by with only 25 a day throughout the month of March. And he’s successfully done it for six years.

Some people tease Freedman, saying he must smell and be dirty. But he actually washed himself daily to show that good hygiene and water conservation can go hand-in-hand.

Freedman even washes his clothes, though he does so in the bathtub.

In order to flush the toilet, something that usually takes 19 litres, he turns off the water and fills the tank with water he’s already used, such as from washing his hands or dishes.

While it’s impressive that he gets by while staying so well groomed, what is even more impressive is that he actually has water leftover some days. This is after lugging around water to use while to drink and flush toilets while he’s not at home.

In past years, others have joined in the Water Conservation Challenge with Freedman. Mark your calendar and sign up for next year.

If that’s too drastic a change for you, at least stop to evaluate your water use.


Water Saving Tricks
-Fill a bowl with water to rinse veggies instead of washing them under running water.
-You don’t need to take a shower everyday to stay clean, and showers don’t have to be long.
-Reuse water by pouring it in the toilet tank or watering plants.