With the help and support of so many of you, CZ sent valentines to people staying in women’s shelters across Canada this February.

In total, we received 377 beautiful, handcrafted pieces of art to show those people that we are thinking about them, we care and they are worth it. And there are still more one their way to us!

And we hope that it also raised awareness about the issue of domestic abuse. Each valentine you made was one person who was strong and brave enough to recognize that they deserved better. Each valentine was for someone who did something courageous to change their life. We hope everyone, especially the youngsters out there who got involved, remember their bravery if you ever find yourself in the same situation.

While all the cards were touching, one of the most powerful packages came from a woman named Anne who left an abusive relationship. She wrote a letter to women staying in shelters about how wonderful her life turned out, giving them inspiration and encouragement that better is yet to come. Anne, if you are reading this, we would love permission to copy that letter to post on our website and to share with each and every shelter we send valentines to every year after this. Your story is so beautiful. You can email us at cockroachzine@gmail.com to discuss.

This year, we ran into a few hiccups. For one, we did not know how many cards we would receive. We could not start contacting shelters until we actually had cards to give them, as we didn’t want to promise cards and then not have them. The flood of cards early in the week leading to Valentine’s Day were all found homes. On Monday, we had enough time to send cards as far as Halifax! By Thursday, nothing was getting anywhere by mail, so we had to start looking for shelters that we could hand-deliver to.

Not all cards found their way to a women’s shelter this year. But we have them tucked away safe for next year. They will all be sent out early to places that will take a long time to ship to, such as remote northern communities. Next year, we will plan better.

If you want to get involved, you can follow us on social media, where we announce information about all projects that we are working on. You could also sign-up for our newsletter to receive a quick run-down of what we’re up to on the first of every month. If you just want to know when we start up the V-Day project again, email us at cockroachzine@gmail.com and we’ll put your email on a list to be notified about that project, but nothing else.

A huge thanks to everyone who got involved this year. You are all beautiful people.