Planning on throwing yourself a pity party February 14? You might want to take a look around at the people in your life first.

That friend who called in sick to work to listen to you bitch for 8 hours about a recent ex? Or the one who left his phone on loud all night after your grandma died incase you needed to chat? Sometimes it’s easy to take amazing friends for granted. Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to celebrate all the people who love you and who you love back, even if it’s just in a platonic way.

Plus, throwing parties is just plain fun, especially for V-day because you get to make super cute decorations!


Pot lucks are always a good time. Especially if you challenge guests to only bring things coloured red or in the shape of hearts! A little food colouring and the right cookie cutter and you could whip up some red, heart shaped perogies or pasta!


Or maybe plan a more intimate one to three friend dinner party and prepare a full meal.

With V-day falling on a Friday, the drinks can flow, so maybe have a good ol’ fashion party with spin the bottle and tarot cards so guests can read each other’s love life future.


Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget the decoration! Pinterest has a ton of fabulous ideas, including cupid’s arrows as place cards to plan seating arrangements and party favours.

If you decide to have a party we’d love to know! Send your photos to us at and we’ll post them up to give all those lovely single people ideas for next year.