We have now entered Love the Bus Month, so take a little time this month to appreciate the joys of a morning commute that allows you to sit on your butt and take a little break.

A lot of people seem to hate the bus. It’s smelly. People are weird. It takes longer than driving to get around, and sometimes longer than cycling. It’s expensive. Yup. There are lots of downsides to taking the bus. But it’s Love the Bus Month not Hate the Bus Month so let’s look at some of the positives.

1. It’s a forced break

This was already said above but it’s super important. With our busy, crazy, hectic lives we’re always going, going, going. There’s work to be done, errands to run, projects to work on. There’s always something. But once you’re crammed into that bus seat between two people blasting music or yelling into a phone it’s a little difficult to make business calls or focus on a text book. Bus time is your time. Relax. Daydream. Enjoy.

2. It’s kind to the planet

Duh! This one’s obvious. You hoping the bus with a bunch of strangers uses a lot less energy than driving in a car alone, or even packed!

3. Stranger gazing

Come on! Everyone likes to do it! And what better place than a crowded little bus where most people are looking down at their phones? You can take note of what people are reading for your book list, listen to hilarious one-sided phone conversations, and get style tips from all the fashionistas parading down the isle.

What’s your favourite thing about taking the bus?