The Internet makes sharing a lot easier. Start up a blog. Post on Facebook. Create a Tumblr account.

But what if you want something more tangible? Something you can put sparkles to? Pop-out figures and ink drawn images?

Welcome to the world of zine making.

Cockroach zine is created using inDesign and a professional printer. At the zine making workshop this past Saturday zines were created using scissors, pens, markers, paint, glitter and more.

If you missed the workshop or forgot what you learned, take a look at the attached zine template (just click on the words to see it!)

Fold a paper so you have creases where the lines are on the page. With the paper laid out flat put content into each rectangle. Photocopy the flat page. Cut along where the dotted line is then fold the zine in half vertically. Unfold it and fold it horizontally. Refold it vertically then push the ends towards each other so the middle pages pop out. Move the pages around so that the cover and back cover are on the outside. You can sew or staple the zine this way if you want, or just leave it as is.

Voila! You have a zine.

Can’t quite figure it out? Come to the next Cockroach zine event and find Meg. She’ll be happy to give you a hand.