January is National Bath Safety Month. In this cold winter month what’s better than a bath? Well, actually a lot of things but baths a pretty damn satisfying.

It’s important to stay safe–make sure the water isn’t too hot, don’t get hammered and pass out, be careful not to slip. With that out of the way, let’s get to the fun stuff!


1. Bomb that bath

Oh bath bombs, how I love thee. Especially when you have little rose petals that come floating up to make me feel like a rich lady, like the one from Lush. Or you can get your crafting pants on and make your own! Bubble bath is also fun. Maybe toss in a couple candles. Why not?

2. Bring on the work

You’re a busy bee and don’t have time for a bath? If you’ve got time to eat dinner, read textbooks or make to-do lists, then you! Get those pesky (electronic free) tasks done from the comfort of a steamy tub of water. If you’ve been meaning to spend some couple time with your partner, or a special friend, considering cozying up with a couple glasses of wine and bowls of ice cream.

3. Drown out the noise

Toss on some good instrumental music to cut out the sound of the neighbour kid crying or roommate’s tv. Hungry Ghost is always a good choice. This will make working or relaxing a lot easier.

Bath’s aren’t exactly eco-friendly, so have them sparingly and in replacement of a shower, or toss in the plug while you’re showering to start collecting water.

Got any tips for bath time fun? Or safety? After all, it is Bath Safety Month.