As we grow older the traditions we knew our whole lives begin to slip away. Grandma becomes too old to host the holiday dinner at her home. Family quarrels or growth lead to some dinners being canceled altogether. Pets demand our attention in our apartments and we wake up alone Christmas morning. Or we move away from home and, unable to afford a plane ticket home, spend the holidays with friends instead of family.

While the loss of traditions can be sad, it’s also a great opportunity to start some new traditions to introduce to the families we will one day have.

What’s your favourite breakfast food? Maybe that should be the new traditional Christmas morning meal. Got crafty friends? Your new Hanukah tradition could be gathering to make ornaments. Perhaps a Boxing Day tradition could be a potluck with pals who were too busy with family over the holidays to chill with you.

Changes in family structure can be more obvious and heart-wrenching during the holidays, so turn it into something positive. What new tradition would you like to create for your holiday season?