Many are focused on making their own loved ones happy during the holiday season. It’s important, especially during this stressful time of year, to make sure those close to you know how much you care, but it’s also important to remember the people working hard to make those potential gifts that stock store shelves.

Fair trade products are produced by people who are paid fair wages and given safe working conditions.  Producers are encouraged to use eco-friendly practices, including striving for organic certification. So fair trade is friendly to people and the planet! There are so many benefits of fair trade, and while the cost might be a little more it is definitely worth it and totally possible to affordably buy for everyone on your list.

Set up your holiday budget then head out to a store that sells fair trade, such as Ten Thousand Villages. You might find yourself purchasing smaller gifts for everyone on your list in order to stay under budget, but you will also feel good handing the cash over when it comes time to check out.

What are your favourite places to buy fair trade holiday gifts?