Boy oh boy! Empty-walleted and exhausted, the thought of stepping into a mall may cause some to cringe by the end of the holiday season. But what if a trip to the mall was only to take in the beauty of the decorations and enjoy a hot cocoa at the coffee shop?

What if instead of spending hours driving between stores and standing in line, you spent peaceful hours at home with friends listening to music, watching movies, and crafting your little heart out?

Choose to do a homemade holiday and that will be your reality.

Dad doesn’t need more socks this Christmas.┬áMom has enough scarves. What they need is a box full of healthy cookies and a wreath.

Your friends are sick of getting junk jewelry and ill-fitting clothes. Give them some custom made bowls and rugs instead.

Take a vow to give gifts crafted with your own two hands this year. You’ll be doing your mind and bank account a huge favour.

What gifts are you making this year?