Well, it’s December again. And you know what that means…

It’s Take a New Year’s Resolution to Stop Smoking (TNYRSS) Month!

You know what’s ridiculous? Waiting all year for TNYRSS to come back around so you can quit. But here we are again and some of you out there are gearing up to toss the cancer sticks and join us in the world of clear lungs and fresh air!

Here’s a few tips on how to kick the habit from someone who didn’t wait for TNYRSS.

1. You’re going to fuck up

Yeah. Sorry. It’s true. You’re bound to wake up grumpy and sleepy one morning and light up after the fifth cup of coffee. Or wake up not totally sure what happened the night before but remembering somewhat guiltily asking the cashier to toss you a pack. Shit happens. Get over it and just try not to do it again instead of giving up on yourself.

2. Replace the habit

Sitting around with nothing to do will only make you think more about that nasty ol’ addiction. Try taking up something new that will take up brain power and leave nothing left for contemplating smoking, such as teaching yourself to knit. You could also go for a jog or do some hula-hooping every time you get a craving. You’ll end up too out of breath to inhale anything but clean air and start feeling healthier!

3. Change some old habits

Did you used to have a smoke with your morning cup of coffee? Have a smoothie instead then coffee a little later. Smoke on the way to the bus stop? Walk a different way or to a further stop and enjoy the change in scenery instead of the smoke. If there were routine times and places when you would smoke switch it up to avoid triggering memories of what your sillier self used to do.

4. Remember why you quit

I used to carry a little book with reasons why smoking sucked. Beyond health reasons, animals die in the production of cigarettes, the production of cigarettes takes up a lot of energy that could be used making something useful, and the butts cause a lot of environmental damage.

Have you got any tips out there for anyone looking to partake in TNYRSS?