Want to know a fun little secret? You really don’t need a good recipe to make good soup. Especially if you’re going for thai coconut. You just need a few good pointers.

1. Don’t buy broth

It’s a waste of money and high in salt. Instead, save the water you use to cook veggies, pasta, perogies, whatever! When you’re done cooking put it in a jar to keep in the fridge or freezer once it’s cooled. You can use the water for a few different things before making soup, just don’t keep it around for too long.

2. Sauté the veggies

Instead of putting raw veggies in the broth to cook, put a little oil in the bottom of your soup pot and sauté everything before dumping in the broth. You could even roast the veggies instead. This really brings out the flavour.

3. Spice it up!

Don’t be afraid to throw in lots of herbs and spice. Fresh is best, but dried is better than nothing. Put them in near the beginning so vegetables have time to absorb the flavour, but don’t add salt until the end when you’re ready to eat. If you’re using lemon grass (which I highly recommend) grind it up in a coffee grinder or food processor, or chop it up as small as possible, then add it in with the veggies before the broth. Lemongrass is pretty tough and though delicious not always fun to eat.

So, now you’ve got your homemade broth in the pot with pre-cooked veggies and lots of great herbs and spices. Let it cook nice and slow. Once you’ve removed it from the heat add a can or two of coconut milk. Or get a fresh coconut (If you do this save the coconut water for the end but chop up some chunks of coconut to cook in the soup. Yum!).

Have you got any great tips for soup making?