By Meg Crane

Every single month has so many special themes! For example, November is Banana Pudding Lovers Month, Peanut Butter Lovers Month and Georgia Pecan Month. And of course we can’t forget Movember.

It’s also Vegan Month.

Even in the past few years the number of vegans, vegan-friendly products, and vegan options in restaurants have been growing. And there are a lot of good reasons.

1. It’s healthy

Despite what some might believe, a vegan diet is a healthy diet, as long as you’re doing it right. Full of nuts, beans, fun fruits and vegetables, milks such as coconut and almond, it is often more interesting than a omnivore’s diet. The human body just isn’t meant to consume meat and consuming another animal’s milk just ain’t natural. There are a lot of health benefits to cutting animal products out of your diet.

2. Save the animals

369_34804569982_5264_nUnless you don’t pay any attention to the media or are in extreme denial you know that most animals used to produce food are kept in horrific conditions and treated terribly. Some places claim ethical treatment but behind factory doors it’s a whole other story. Being vegan still causes harm to animals-growing plants causes damage to natural habitats and sometimes machinery causes death to passing creatures, but the harm is accidental and not as horrific as those experienced by animals in captivity.

3. The planet loves vegans

A lot of people don’t realize that switching to a vegan lifestyle has an enormous impact on the environment. Growing food takes a lot of land, water, and other resources, but raising animals for consumption takes up land, water, other resources, and a lot of the food that is grown using land, water and other resources. Being vegan can be unfriendly to the planet too though. This is something some vegans forget when deciding to buy over-packaged products or products shipped overseas when locally grown are available.

Whatever your diet, try to think a little more about the impact your food choices have on your body, other living creatures, and the planet. And maybe try cooking vegan a little more. Remember, November is also Pomegranate Month, Greens and Plantains Month, and Spinach and Squash Month. Honour these foods all month long by using them in your vegan cooking!