Cockroach is a self-published eco-feminist zine. For each issue, contributors from across North America send in writing and artwork exploring their personal experiences and thoughts on a specific theme, from an eco-feminist perspective. Past themes have included dreams, creativity, water, new, nature and life.

Where can you find Cockroach?

Order a copy or subscription today from our Etsy shop. If you’re in Winnipeg, pick it up from McNally Robinson.

How can you get involved?

If you’re a feminist, environmentalist or vegan and like having fun, join in the Cockroach party!

♥ We’re always looking for writers, artists, photographers, volunteers, advertisers, fans and friends. Email to get on the contributor list, learn more about volunteer opportunities or just to chat more about what this is all about.♥

You can also support the zine by taking out an ad, sponsoring an issue, or become a Patreon backer.

We’re all over the place, waiting for you to jump into this eco-feminist celebration. Email, or hunt us down on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr or Etsy.

Why “Cockroach”?

If there ever is a nuclear attack, people say cockroaches would be the only things left alive. Cockroaches are sustainable. Cockroaches are survivors. The feminist and environmentalist movements are sustainable. They are also full of survivors, battling against society for their causes. Cockroach zine is for them.