What is Cockroach?

Cockroach is an eco-feminist zine. It publishes art and writing that motivates and inspires people to make their world a better place.

Issues come out every other month and are available through the Etsy shop (temporarily shut down, but it’ll be back in early 2018). Patrons of $5+ at the time of publications also receive a free copy of new issues and women’s shelters across Canada (and now the US!) are offered free subscriptions.

How does Stitching Hearts factor in?

A new Stitching Hearts project launches with the publication of each issue. They are all low-cost, low-skill crafts designed to help someone in need.

Cockroach hosts events where folks can get together to create, but also encourages others to throw crafting parties in their own hometowns to help spread the love.

For inspiration on current projects, join the Facebook group!

How did it start?

Cockroach was initially a college project, but it was so much fun and so successful, with a solid base of dedicated, talented contributors, that it’s continued on. Since 2013, Cockroach has grown from a small Winnipeg-based and focused publication to one that now services Canada and the United States.

Who runs it?

Me, Meg! I run Cockroach by myself, with the help of many, many supporters.

I’m a freelance writer and editor who recently relocated from Winnipeg, MB to Helena, MT, so that’s where Cockroach is now based, but plenty of the writers and artists remained in my hometown, so guaranteed I’ll be back to run more events there for my prairie fans.

Why “Cockroach”?

People say cockroaches would be the only things to survive a nuclear attack. Cockroaches are sustainable. Cockroaches are survivors. The eco-feminist and vegan movements are sustainable. They are also full of survivors, battling against society for their causes. Cockroach zine is for them.

How can I support Cockroach?

Buy copies, tell friends it exists, follow Cockroach on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr).

Give Cockroach a monthly donation of $1+ via Patreon.

Become a contributor or advertiser.